3D Design & Animation

3D designs and models produced with Cinema 4D - and animations in combination with After Effects - for use in adverts, videos, product placement and a wide range of different media. All 3D items featured here are custom made & not bought from stock, but stock models can also be incorporated into projects if required. Please see the Infographics section for some more examples & uses of 3D work.

3D Animations

Science Fiction 3D titles

Planet Infinity - Film titles short intro

Smartphone 3D animation

Quick 3D Smartphone animation

PRICE CRASH 3D lettering animation

PRICE CRASH 3D lettering animation

Deep Sea ROV and Robot arm

Deep Sea ROV Mk4

ROV Electric Micro Arm animation

ROV Electric Manipulator Arm

Offshore oil rig platform

Oil Rig - Offshore Platform

3D SONY VAIO laptop notebook


3D logo design and animation

3D animated logo design

Wind Turbine 3D video

Wind Turbine

3D Hoverboard advert animation

Hoverboard advert segment

3D metallic lettering logo design and animation

3D logo lettering intro

3D logo letters and cube

3D cube

3D still graphic image renders

industrial estate 3D model render

Industrial Estate 3D Scene

Main Warehouse 3D model render

Main Large Warehouse

Logistics Warehouse 3D Model

Logistics Building

Hangar Warehose 3D image

Hangar Warehouse

Cantilever Desks 3D furniture model

Cantilever Desks

radial offce desks

Radial Desks Arrangement

Office Furniture 3D Model catalogue presentation

3D Office Furniture Scene

Oil Rig Platform 3D Model

Oil Rig detail

Subsea Corossion Control Products

Corossion Control Products