Video Editing & Design - long or short-form

Video editing, production and AI assisted content creation in long & short-form formats, for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook etc. I can combine graphics with video, edit, modify & cut larger, long-form footage down to smaller, shorts - add captions, subtitles, music & audio, colour correct and grade etc. Design thumbnails, covers & posters. Animate with Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro & CapCut. Also see the Video Design section for longer videos, 2D animation and other motion design work on YouTube.

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What really caused Bruce Lee's death?

Who really was Jack the Ripper?

doughnuts product advert short

burger franchise video advert

Being fooled by clever marketing?

Appliance store advert with 3D elements

VidoJug tennis lesson edit

Video edit with 3D incorporated 3D sequence

Frozen Yogurt video banner advert